Until now we have heard of mobile applications being used in retail stores and developing the M-commerce. The number of smartphone users in the world is slowly growing and so is the use of mobile based applications. When processes can be simplified with the help of smart applications, the use of mobile phones in today’s world function not just as a device to communicate but to perform various other activities.

Apparel industry is progressing with technological advancements to harmonize operations and fasten the process of work at every possible stage. The usage of mobile applications designed for specific purposes helps the garment industry achieve its goal. The following are some of the apps that are changing the way things work in the apparel industry:

App for PLM The mobile app is designed to aid the process of product development in the apparel and fashion industry. The app lets designers show their collections along with real time updates. Buyers can view all the information from anyplace and at any time with definite accuracy. Meetings and discussions about a certain sample can be made by the buyer with the producer or supplier at any moment using the app. Technical and production specifications also can be exchanged with the help of instant photo, video, audio, and storyboard sketches. A functional app like this helps remove barriers of physical location and helps acquire faster responses for samples and products from the buyer’s end and from the designer’s end too.

App for Merchandisers – The app integrates all the necessary operations of a merchandiser into one making it easy and fast to share details. A self-focusing camera of the app allows fashion buyers to take pictures during an ongoing fashion show. The app is like a virtual personal assistant. The app allows the user to generate boards with picture to assimilate from the different looks on the runway. Product details like style number, price, shipping date, season, sizes, etc can also be recorded using the app. Besides storing and editing details, orders can also be placed with specifications like quantity, colour, and style to be planned. Along with this budget needs are also taken care of. Making a PDF of files and mailing details is possible with the help of the app. The feature rich app lets users share images on social networking sites and upload pictures to e-commerce sites.

App for Warehouse management The back office systems of a warehouse are integrated into a single mobile application to manage various activities regarding sales, delivery, and solutions for field service. The app is essentially a warehouse management system that synchronizes with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of a company for seamlessly performing functions. The app is easy to operate, reduces risk, minimizes deployment time, and is very efficient.