It’s that time of the month again… when Tech Trends curates a selection of all the weird and wonderful stuff out there that might tempt you to part with cash!

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Prolong the enjoyment of your coffee, tea or warm milk with the world’s first temperature control mug. Designed to be used in your home or at your desk, the Ember Ceramic Mugallows you to set your precise drinking temperature. It will then maintain that temperature for approximately one hour, so your hot beverage is perfect from first sip to last drop.

The Mug

  • 295 ml (10 oz)Approx.
  • 1-hour battery life, or all day on charging coaster
  • Temperature range is 50°C – 62.5°C

My memory and/or attention span is so bad that almost every cup of tea I make is left to go cold after the first sip so I was excited to test this out. It works, that’s it really, it is a good idea well executed! The mug itself, the 10oz version, is a little small but now available, in the US only, is a larger 14oz version that will keep fans of venti lattes happy..

Ember mugs connect to the Ember app for complete customization. The app allows you to select your optimum drinking temperature, save favorite presets, receive notifications when your ideal drinking temperature is reached, and track caffeine consumption with Apple Health integration. The app works well and the mug itself is comfortable to hold and the heavy base plate is not too distracting in use.

This weightier than normal mug does, however, lead to you thinking there is tea left in it when in fact it’s empty, not really a criticism, just an amusing observation. Personally, I’d fill it with lovely thick (aaaahhhhh) Bisto Gravy but whatever your tipple try one out for £79.95.

Opløft Sit-Stand Platform

Work actively with Opløft – a slim and portable sit-stand platform for a healthier, more dynamic working life.

If you are sick of sitting on your arse all day Tech Trends can recommend this pleasingly small and light Sit-Stand Platform/Desk solution! The excellent Varidesk option is frankly huge and so heavy one person should not really move one alone but this Opløft desk, and yes I will call it a desk instead of a ‘platform’, from Posturite, is a less daunting option and packs super flat.

When flat, Opløft is only 30mm thick and weighs just 12 kg – making it possible to carry safely between workstations or neatly store away. It’s taken Oploft many months of reengineering and perfecting to take it from a Kickstarter prototype to what it is today: a thing of beauty.